WordPress security is so important that you cannot even think of running a regular online business without securing your WordPress website. There are hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks on websites every day. And if anyone gets your site hacked, you will suffer heavy damage to your revenue and reputation. You may have to pay huge amounts to the hackers to regain access to your site. So there are many losses in any such case: financial, reputational, privacy loss, and so on. 

Revealing the importance of WordPress security and the expected losses in case of hacking, we come now on how to secure the WordPress websites

Update WordPress

The very first thing to do is to keep WordPress updated. Although WordPress is regularly updated and maintained and it automatically installs small updates, you need to manually start the update for major updates. These updates are so important that your website would be both unstable and vulnerable without them. Therefore, you need to take great care that your WordPress is up to date.   

Use Strong Passwords

Using strong passwords is a must because easy or simple passwords cannot protect your website from the attacks of hackers. They usually stole passwords and bombard them on different sites to get a chance to get into a site. Once it’s done, there is nothing left then. If a hacker succeeds in getting access to your site, he can control it, steal your data, use it, manipulate it, contact your customers, and a lot more. We recommend you have difficult and strong passwords for the admin area, database, FTP accounts, and custom email addresses. 

For those who find it difficult to remember strong passwords, they can use a password manager. Besides, you should not give anyone access to your admin account. In case you have a large team or guest authors and it’s not possible to not give them access, make sure they understand their roles and capabilities as loyal team members and guest authors. 

Choice of Hosting Services Provider

The last but not the least is the selection of your hosting services provider, a decision needs to be taken with great care and objectivity. Goods hosting companies monitor their networks continuously. They keep their server updated so that they may not fall victim to a security vulnerability in the previous version. The companies have the tools to prevent DDOS attacks. They even have disaster management and accident plans which help you recover your data in such cases.

So to speak is good hosting companies take extra measures to protect their servers from common threats. Therefore, you should not make a hasty and abrupt decision when it comes to the choice and selection of them. Choose the right one to stay safe. 


With these steps taken, that is having updated WordPress, using strong passwords and choosing the right hosting company, you may improve your WordPress security. 


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