RafflePress The Best WordPress Giveaway Plugin

RafflePress is considered to be the best WordPress giveaway plugin. It is basically a WordPress contest plugin which is very powerful and user-friendly. The plugin allows you to increase your web traffic. It also helps you get more social media followers and email subscribers. Let us take a look at how does it do that. […]


WP Rocket The Best Caching Plugin

WP Rocket is the best caching plugin available. It enhances your WordPress website’s speed and performance. Besides the plugin does not require any technical skillset from the users. WP Rocket is amazing also in this regard that it turns on the recommended WordPress caching settings automatically. Some of the caching settings are page cache, cache […]


Best wordpress popup plugin 2019

OptinMonster, the best popup plugin, is a must-have for business websites and bloggers because it helps them generate more revenue than they can earn without it. With lots and lots of data available these days, a common problem faced by many bloggers is to retain their readers and also convert them into subscribers and then […]


Sucuri The Best Protection Plugin

Sucuri Inc is a recognized authority in matters related to website security. Sucuri’s specialization is in WordPress security. Its security plugin is free for all WordPress users. What’s more, it complements your existing security posture.      WordPress security is and should be the most important thing in an online business. Sucuri offers one of the best […]


WordPress Security

WordPress security is so important that you cannot even think of running a regular online business without securing your WordPress website. There are hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks on websites every day. And if anyone gets your site hacked, you will suffer heavy damage to your revenue and reputation. You may have to pay […]


Constant Contact Forms for Contacting Customers

Contacting customers is so important for various reasons. You can contact them and tell them about the advancements or innovation you have brought in your new products. You can also ask them for their feedback and their experience with the product they purchased from you. This feedback would help you improve the product for the […]


Installing Plugins

After the installation of WordPress, a very important thing is installing and activating the plugins. Why is it necessary to have plugins? Well, simply put they add functionality to your WordPress website. And who would not like to have the luxury of additional features? In this article, we would learn how to install WordPress plugins […]


Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress 2019

In this article, we will learn about MonsterInsight WordPress plugin! What MonsterInsights does is that it provides you with the actual stats. These statistics then help you improve the quality of content on your website. This leads to increased visibility and web traffic. And in the end, what we get is higher sales. MonsterInsights, the […]


WPForms for Free

We are all aware of the importance of your visitors being in touch with you. In fact, every website needs this. And what WPForms do is that they make it easier for your customers to get in touch with you. WPForms is the best and the most user-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress.  Features  What […]


Beginners’ Guide to WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are basically small software pieces which perform functions for WordPress websites. When added to a WordPress website, these functions add features to the website or simply extend the functionality of the website.  The plugins are written in PHP Programming language. They integrate with WordPress smoothly. The best thing about them is that they […]