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Introduction CPanel is a hosting control panel which offers the root level site control of websites. Basically provided by hosting companies to the website owners, the panel manages the websites from a web-based interface in a user-friendly way. CPanel provides users with a graphical interface and with its help the users can control the Unix […]



Many online businesses offer affiliate/associate programs. What happens in these programs is that some other businesses or companies than the actual company, promote the business of the company and get paid in response accordingly. So these companies promote the parent company’s products and do marketing for it. Also, these companies can send traffic to the […]


Digital Signature WordPress 5.2 Security Improvement

WordPress 5.2 took a step to secure the updates fully with the offline digital signature. The existence of x-content-signature header will be checked when the WordPress site installs an update. The WordPress site will ask for a filename if it is not provided by the update server. The signature is calculated by using Ed25519 of […]


How do I create a job board in WordPress?

In this article, we will learn about how to create a job board in WordPress? WP Job Manager is a lightweight for adding job-board and easy to use. Create new pages, add shortcodes and you can have a live job board in minutes. This allows users to register on your website and publish their vacancies. For quick […]